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7 Steps to a M.A.G.I.C.A.L Lifestyle 
"Walk the Path of Wonder & Beauty" 
with Goddess and Magic Coach, 
Margarit Brigham

"How To Be A Woman of Wonder, Break -Free of Worry, so you can Sparkle And Shine!"
Break- Free of Suffering, and Be A Warrior, A Spiritual Warrior of Wonder.
Do you ever feel Guilty for living a Joyful life?
The World needs the Balance of Women being Joy Generators, To point out the Wonder and the Beauty of Mother Earth.
My mission is to help Women gain a Sacred Connection with Mother Earth, and all our Relations.
Wise Women Setting your Magic Free, is a journey into Awakening A Woman's Magic and exploring new ways to Connect her to her own Womanhood.
Discover How I transformed from an Ugly duckling crippled with Society's Pressures,
 to Surrender my life to the
 "Great Mystery" to Become Beautiful, Graceful, and more Youthful.  
 This  7 step M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Homestudy program will open the door for women to become their true, and purest 
Expression of Beauty and Grace.
      A New/Ancient/Authentic Medicine Woman's path, 
that will Fan your Inner Spark and Set it Free to burn 
Brighter, Bigger and Bolder!!

Pleasure and Play is your Super Power,
And the Path to Sparkle and Shine, from the inside, out!

I walk, talk, and teach, how to live in Sacred Play and Sacred Connections.

To unlock the Divinity within.

The Purpose of this program is to help women have enthusiastic Faith and Remember their magic!

To start Co-creating an Abundance of magical moments.

 Infused, with spontaneous play and Joy that ripples out and touches everyone.
Play is the Way! Your Joy, Intuition and Magic is a gift for everyone and everything!

For eons, Millions of Women have died with their Magic locked away.

Don't die with your magic inside, set your magic FREE!

Women are Multi-dimensional, you will learn and embody many of the Goddesses
The Goddess of Love and Pleasure 
Your Wild Women Goddess Aspect
Your Crone Goddess Aspect
Your Mother Goddess Aspect
Your Child Goddess Aspect

Step 1. Awaken your Magic
                                 Step 2. Fall in Love with your Magical Essence
Step 3. Set Your Magic Free

"Step into the Fire of Self-discovery, this fire will not burn you, only burn away that which is not you" 
- Mooji 

Watch the Video below to see if this is a Fit for You!

  • Benefit: 
  •  Our products are audio and video which will be delivered to your inbox. You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group into this magical journey, to be supported in a safe and sacred space of Sisterhood.
  • Feature: 
  •  Margarit's 7 Step Map to a M.A.G.I.C.A.L  Lifestyle. 
  •  Begin to walk the Medicine Woman "Beauty Way, in Reverance with the seasons and cycles of Nature.
  •  Open your Heart to an Abundance of Magic and Child like Wonder.
  •  Learn how Mother Earth communicates, to have a Sacred Connection with her, and all her creatures.
  •  Connect to Cosmic Consciousness and the Higher Dimensions and Doorways to our Star family.
  •  Discover what it means embody Sacred Play, with Mystical, Magical, Goddess Yoga classes!
  •  Ground in these three main Goddess Energies; Gaia (Mother Earth), Aphrodite, and Shakti that weave throughout this program
  •  Sparkle and Shine from within by knowing your true self and inner beauty, the Best Benefit is noticing, Goddesses are Ageless.

  • Who is this for?
  • A woman at least 21 years and older
  •  A woman who values self-growth and magical, wonder, producing experiences 
  •  Women who want to Own and Be, Unapologetically Magic
  •  Women who want to recover their Wild Woman and live Lusciously 
  •  Women who want to live lives full of Wonder and not Worry.

You Are Magical!
Do You have a magical mind?
Are you naturally attracted to Mother Earth, Animals, nature spirits, the Mystical and magical books and movies?
You see things differently than from others?
Trust me, I know how difficult and lonely it can be to see things differently than others.
I have come to know that there is magic at the core of all humans. Its a totality of who we are, and it is a Forgotten piece on the spiritual path.
Our magic is covered over with layers of pain, shame, guilt, Fear and Doubt
which lock most people in a state of forgetting.
  Women the Keepers of magic, there is magic in this world.
Worry and Stress dilute the magic.
If you said "Yes" to any of the questions above, you most likely came in with your lights on, you have magic running through your veins, and you once did Sparkle your light very bright. And overtime you had to dim down, to fit in. I get it, I did too!!
Once you become connected back to living in Harmony and Balance with the magic of Nature it takes a deep Surrendering and Courage to Trust explicitly to live the life of 5D which is a moment to moment bending to Divine Will.
This is a Path of Many Paths, that not only Awakens Magic, but allows women to be Joy Generators!

Included in this program
* Audio 7 steps of a unique Magical recipe for the inner Beauty Path
 * Awakening your Intro Magic teleseminar
* Full Moon and New Moon Ceremony with Yoga
 * Mystical Magical Goddess Yoga Grounding in
A Joyful Infusion of Play in Sacred Space blending, Ecstatic Dance,
 Goddesses Theme Meditation, Movement and Teachings, Opening, and Balancing.
* Sacred Songs
* Sisterhood Support in a private FB group
I was my own student, and have gone on to teach many other women, to Be the Container of Joy.
To leave Victimhood behind,
 to step out more expanded, and authentic in their own Expression of magic.
 This Package sells for $599.00 
Christmas Sale $147.00 

What is Forgotten, is always longed for.

Joseph Campbell told us, "Sacred Space and Sacred time, and something Joyous is all we need"

This program is all you need!!!

A magical home study course which is an encouraging can do program! With honest questioning and excavating into the true nature of self love, intuition, and sexual energy. You will receive tools that will raise your vibration and connecting this with women's wisdom (her womb and heart space), where a ball of magical energy resides within, as ancient as the earth herself.

Your insides are lined with Gold, when we shed the Old, we discover Heaven is Here right now, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear!
You see, each of us HAS the codes within us to become our magical selves, to eliminate conflict, heal old wounds, and be catalysts for positive change.
Modern science is coming to the same conclusion as our wise ancestors: your heart holds the key to your happiness, your health and your ability to create thriving relationships and meaningful work.

How TO Live An Enchanted Life… 

It is my absolute Joy to be a Wayshower of Wonder, and the many ways the emergence of magic is already manifesting, in people, the earth and in the cosmos. It can open you up to feel love more intensely and help you see how much you truly are loved already, by a benevolent mother earth and all its kingdoms.
Your magic resides in your heart and when it is in a state of loving resonance and aligned with your mind, your body and your spirit, it's like medicine.

 Time now to unplug from a culture of stress! 

This inspirational path of the Heart can clarify your own Hearts Desires and help them come into form so effortlessly, it'll feel like Magic. Women of all ages, are being invited to tap into their inner wisdom and learn to walk as Women Of Wonder! Together, we will enter the shift of the ages empowered with strong spirits,embracing the Unknown fearlessly and lovingly, and with a sacred playfulness in all that we do

Review the MAGICAL Acronym steps below

 The 7 M.A.G.I.C.A.L steps -  Uniting Goddess Wisdom, Self-Love, Sexuality, and Earth based Spirituality.

1. Magic Opening and Momentum

* An initiation into The Cosmic Breath technique, a powerful heart opening energy tool. 
* Powerful Forgiveness practice
* Expanding the Field of Presence
* The Pleasure meditation from the Gratitude class
* How easy it is to be a Master of Trust and let go into the Universal flow
* Strengthen your chi energy, to get instant energy, and keep it!

 2. Attention 

* How to play the Wonder game instead of the Worry game 
* A personal story of Mother Mary in my life and how to control our thoughts
* Become a magic manifester
* Example and teachings on how to say 'Yes" and follow your Intuition 
* Learn the History of the how sex and feminine energy was repressed
* Learn an energy tool to pull out the anger, grief, shame around our gender and the harmful pain associated
* Meditation to connect heaven and earth and to expand your field of Presence
* How and Why to do Sexual Magic , even if you don't have a partner.
* How to Believe and Love yourself, Giving yourself the Dignity of loving yourself 

 3. Gratitude

* The Goddess as the originator of orgasmic energy and owing that pleasure and power as our birthright.
* Gratitude opens up more magic 
* A look into Noetic Science
* How and Why start your day with gratitude to the elements
* A teaching from a Hopi Grandmother on the 4 sacred elements and how each of them are with us 
* How to break Free of the matrix, (the Collective Consciousness)
* Freeing ourselves from fearing animals  
* A powerful meditation on pleasure of healing
* A quantum prayer for your magical self
* A motivation to not give into the ego's fear

 4. Intuition

* Women will be initiated to their Intuition and be able to tell the difference between instincts and intuition.
* How to Trust your body and listen to its messages
* Practice Expanding your field of Presence
* History of where the witch wound came from
* A meditation on releasing fear
* Working with an energy tool to release blocks of fear that are held within the body, subconscious mind and DNA

  5. Connection

Quantum Physics and Magic speak the same Language
YOu, me, We are Magical Past Understanding,
This class you will Learn about the Law of Emergence to open to the magic inside, that is waiting for you to turn towards it.

Connecting to our feeling nature and to the Great Mystery using the analogy of pregnancy and birth. We are in a rebirth and many people are going through this with anxiety when it can be amazing instead. 
* A Goddess Shakti Meditation using the Chakras for more orgasmic energy and how to keep it within your system 
* Discover what the Law of Emergence is and how it can bring forth your magic and blueprint effortlessly
* A look at how Quantum Physics works and how it is speaking the language of magic
* Disscusion on how and Why to treat yourself in a loving way?

6. Action

*Learning how to act with complete calm and confidence the step behind raising yourself worth. 
*Introducing the wild woman and where it resides within us
*Building the habit of magic
*A prayer of healing for our Fore-mothers
*Loving our hips and the sacred well (pelvis) inside us
*A dance- Dragon woman dance
*A grounding meditation into the Lap of Mother Earth
*A talk about our sexual energy and how to have orgasms and keep them coming while pleasuring your partner intensely
*It’s not always a man, another woman or a machine that does the trick to loving our wonder down under. Taking the reins and putting the magic in your own hands

7.  Love

* A loving chant to sing to your body
* Songs to open your throat and heart as well as affirmations that combine Power and Love.
* Love activation with the Cosmic Breath to raise the energy and open the Heart.
* Rebirth of the higher heart 
* How to be a Joy Generator and live Luciously in a field of resonance
* Opening your heart to tune your rhythm, to the universes rhythm  

Blessings and Blissings, 
Magical Margarit
Author, Cosmic Coach/ Magic Mentor, Fairyologist, Healer, and Yoga teacher 

When you enter this online Classroom, 
You are Explorers
You are Magical
You are Leaders
You are Goddesses
You are Creators
You are Important
You are a Friend
You are Loved
You are the Reason I am here
This is not your typical magical school that teaches how to create charms or spells, however you will tap into your innate powers of intuition. You are psychic, and this online homestudy program, along with journalling this magical adventure, you will see all women have an psychic knowing, you will develop this and other womanly ways, inherit to us.

You will begin to Co- create magical moments infused with spontaneous play and Joy that ripples out and touches everyone.

Play is the Way! Your Joy, Intuition and Magic is a gift for everyone and everything!

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